Academic Conference Papers

2016         “Representations of war and peace” paper & panel convenor at Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, Liverpool Hope University

2016          De Montfort Univ. Leicester. Major retrospective conference on Stanley Kubrick. Paper: Stanley Kubrick ‘Dispatches from the Edge’        

2016          Seoul Museum of Art. Into the Archive: Re-Viewing Kubrick. Research from the Kubrick archive (published in Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives

2016          VISIBLE EVIDENCE XXII, Univ. of Montana, Native American Visuality

2015          VISIBLE EVIDENCE XXI, (Toronto Univ.) Stanley Kubrick ‘Dispatches from the Edge’

2013          VISIBLE EVIDENCE XX, (Stockholm Univ.) The Dance of Documentary Ethics Screening of Justine at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

2013          Screening & paper for Into the Archive: Re-Viewing Kubrick at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).

2012         Screening & paper for “Truth, Dare or Promise” The Art of Not Knowing,Goldsmiths’ College, London Univ.

2012         Screening & paper for AHRC Moving Image research Network conference at Univ. of Arts London‘The Dance of Documentary Ethics.’ 

2011         Screening & paper at Tate Modern, Starr auditorium for ‘Embedded’ conference with Simon Norfolk exhibition. Paper: ‘Accidentally in Bed’ on access and censorship in reporting war.

2011       DOCUMENTARY NOW! (Westminster Univ). ‘Whose story? Ethical tensions and documentary narrative’

2010       ICA, London Remembering Khairlanji, (practice-based film and photography paper) for Histories of Hatred conference, which was also filmed for London Consortium / LCACE documentary).

2010       VISIBLE EVIDENCE XVII, leading forum for Documentary Film studies (Bogazici, Univ. Istanbul, Turkey). Documentary Ethics in the Digital Age (practice-based paper).

2010       MECCSA, Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Association at LSE. The Documentarist and the Subject practice-based (film and text) paper.

2009       VISIBLE EVIDENCE XVI, (Univ. of Southern California, 2009) Solidarity? With whom and to what? Practice-based paper on the creative space of observational documentary and the ethics of response.

2008       VISIBLE EVIDENCE XV, (Univ. of Lincoln)  Representing Atrocity: Ethical and Aesthetic Considerations in Photographing the Khairlanji Murders in India. Practice-based film and photography paper / book chapter based on this paper.

2008       DOCUMENTARY NOW! (Birkbeck College, London Univ). Documentary Ethics.