Planet Ustinov series

Planet Ustinov
One hundred years ago, Mark Twain published a bestselling account of his epic journey around the globe. Witty, shrewd and entertaining, Following the Equator offered an unrivalled portrait of a world on the brink of a new century.

Exactly 100 years after the trip, Channel 4 TV made a series in which Sir Peter Ustinov, repeats the journey to observe Twain’s world on the edge of a new century, and a new millennium; to see what is left of the old ways, and what has replaced them.

For Beautiful Death and Such a Wonderful Thing, Pratap was associate producer for two films for the series Planet Ustinov (2 x 1 hr, 1998), Channel 4 (Granada).

Planet Ustinov book cover
Pratap Rughani, 60 photographs for “Planet Ustinov, following the Equator with Sir Peter Ustinov” (1998) Michael Waldman, A Channel Four book, Simon & Schuster, London.

Planet Ustinov