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Restorative Narrative

Can the dynamics of restorative justice help inform documentary practice to enhance connection rather than polarisation in storytelling?

Illustration ©Sophie Standing (2018)

Read the position paper by Pratap Rughani Design for Dialogue: Valuing Doubt in an Age of Conviction published by the social design institute, ual.

“In a time of polarisation haunted by shadows of hatred, liberal platitudes to ‘agree to differ’ is a counsel of ‘tolerance’. But, can we dream more deeply than to simply tolerate each other?’

For further work on restorative narrative developed by Pratap Rughani, see his essay “Towards Restorative Narrative”, a contribution to the festschrift published by abramis academic publishing, edited by Richard Lance Keeble, to celebrate the late Dr Brian Winston, The Lincoln Professor.

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A Terrible Beauty is Born talk by Pratap Rughani emerges from reflections on the nature of death and the place of forgiveness.

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