• Pratap Rughani reflects on the attempts at reconciliation in Australia and South Africa through the experience of filming with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

    Read The Pardoners’ Tale

    The Pardoners' Tale by Pratap Rughani
    The Pardoners’ Tale by Pratap Rughani
  • By Pratap Rughani, The Times, May 30 2008

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  • The Dalai Lama’s practical guide to happiness, by Pratap Rughani

    The Buddhist path to enlightenment and peace is attractive to thousands in Britain


     Born again in the light of Buddha, by Pratap Rughani

    India’s Untouchables are finding new hope by converting to Buddhism


  • The struggle to keep justice in focus by Pratap Rughani, on Taking Liberties, The Independent MEDIA edited by Maggie Brown

    Taking Liberties, Limited Edition, by Compton Miller review



    Race against time by Chris Arnot, The Guardian review of New Model Army

    Race against time, The Guardian





    Islam and Intellect The Listener




  • “Idiot box” or “Window on the World”?



  • In The India Magazine, Pratap Rughani reviews:

    Unseen Presence: The Buddha and Sanchi by V.Dehejia,

    Amaravarti: Buddhist Sculpture from the Great Stupa by R. Knox

    Borobodur, Prayer in Stone by P. Schoppert


  • AIDS and HIV, special issue of New Internationalist 250 (1993). Editor Pratap Rughani.

    New Internationalist, Love in a plague of hatred, AIDS in the world today.