Kubrick: Designing Worlds Conference at The Design Museum, London 13 & 14 September 2019.

“Explore the legacy of Stanley Kubrick and his impact on design in this symposium from leading designers and theorists including Chris Baker, Howard Berry and A Clockwork Orange designer Milena Canonero.  

Professor Rughani will deliver a paper and screening: Kubrick’s Lens:  how fake news designs conflict Bakala Auditorium 12:00 – 13:00  Panel 5: Imaging Conflict, Chloe Dewe Matthews, chaired by Paul Goodwin.

This two-day symposium will explore the legacy of Stanley Kubrick’s films and their impact on design. Drawing on the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum and the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the Archives and Special Collections Centre, UAL, this symposium aims to illuminate discussions around the practices that underpin film production, extending the range of engaged disciplines beyond the screen towards the design of imagined worlds and virtual reality. “

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