Planetary Health panel, 22 Sep 20

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Between 21 – 25 September the UAL Climate Emergency Network is hosting an online 5-day festival to share knowledge from our creative frontline.

Speakers: David Cross with a panel including Professors Pratap Rughani and Carole Collet.

Published as a manifesto in 2014 by Richard Horton and colleagues, Planetary Health celebrates the interdependence between human and ecological systems and connects ecological health to physical and mental health. In this session, we will explore how artists and designers might develop Planetary Health through creative and critical cultural practices.

After a short break (from 11.45am-12.00pm), we join speaker David Cross with a panel including Professors Carole Collet and Pratap Rughani to debate and expand upon the notion of Planetary Health, and its potential application in our practices.