UAL’s Research Fortnight 2018 Launch event 5 Mar 6.30pm to 8pm

Vice Chancellor Nigel Carrington invites you to UAL’s Research Fortnight keynote event chaired by Dr Pratap Rughani, (Acting) Associate Dean of Research. Full programme here.

In his Keynote presentation held at the Professor Mugendi K M’Rithaa’s will talk about his role as President of the World Design Organisation (WDO) and his recent transitioning from this role to become President Emeritus, and mentor to the WDO Board for the next two years, Dr M’Rithaa will reflect on key achievements and challenges ahead.

He will also discuss his ideas for Inclusive Design, and a more nuanced approach to this as a key strategy for design thinking, to address expansive issues encompassing: social, geo political, economic, environmental. In addition to conventional perception of this approach to design, to put first the interests of vulnerable and minority populations, those with disabilities, age and ageing, the materially and sensorily challenged.

Rootstein Hopkins Space (East) London College of Fashion, 20 John Prince’s Street, London W1G, ee.
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