Contributor to “The Creative Stance”

Pratap Rughani contributed to The Creative Stance (2016), a book co-published by the University of the Arts London and Common-Editions on insights into creative teaching and practices.

UAL Chancellor Grayson Perry and 17 other leading artists, teachers, graphic designers, filmmakers, fashion designers, museum curators, sculptors and award-winning writers have come together to debate the creative behaviours needed for success and why they should form the foundation of education.

“The Dance of Documentary Ethics” by Pratap Rughani in The Documentary Film Book

This chapter investigates the relationship between ethics and aesthetics in forms of documentary arts and film practice, with a focus on the tension between ‘responsibility’ and ‘artistic freedom’ as interpreted by documentary artists and filmmakers.

Rughani, Pratap The Dance of Documentary Ethics chapter in: The Documentary Film Book, (2013) ed Brian Winston, BFI / Palgrave Macmillan. Shortlisted for the Kraszna Krausz Book Awards 2014.